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•Tree File Size (Windows 7/10) This is a great tool to figure out what your largest files are and helping reduce storage space consumption.

•Advanced IP Scanner (Windows 7 32bit) This utility scans your network and displays computer names and IP addresses for all pc's connected to your domain.

•MalwareBytes (Windows 7/10) Anti-Malware scanner, monitor and cleaner.

•CCleaner (Windows 7/10) PC file and registry cleaner.

•UltraVNC Viewer is a remote access software, support server and viewer software for on demand remote computer support.

•TeamViewer is a PC remote control/remote access software which is free for personal use.

•Adblock Plus Website is a program that removes popup and cluttered adds from websites. This is strongly recommended to improve internet browsing.

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Password Security

How to create a strong password: choose and easily remember secure passwords

By: Mike Bedford

It's easy to be lazy and use the same password for every online account but, using these simple techniques, you'll be able to remember strong passwords for different websites.With the a new hacking scandal in the news every other week, everyone should be concerned about the security of their online accounts. Here are a few simple techniques for creating strong passwords - and remembering them!

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